C panel web Hosting

Reliable C panel Web Hosting

Onlive Server provides the full control panel option with our C Panel web hosting to perform multiple functions. It is regular activities at a time include restart, stop reload, change. Onlive Server’s C Panel web hosting is easy to buy power-saving and requires no extra hardware purchase. Onlive Server provides more data center support services 24*7 available via Live Chat, Email, Skype, Ticket system.  If you have any technical problems and other billing-related, queries, connect us directly and get an instant solution.

c Panel Web Hosting Plans

Why Purchase Hosting with c Panel?

Onlive Server provides c Panel web hosting with more benefits. It is a tool that has stood the test of time and created a vast online community. It also has database management. Besides, It is web hosting with c Panel will give you SEO optimization gadgets and a few simple tools for statistic gathering and traffic tracking.

The list of beneficial web hosting features offered by Onlive Server is as follows:

  • Free Domain Name
  • A Free Site Builder
  • Pure SSD Storage
  • Secure Email Accounts
  • c Panel Control Panel
  • 1-Click Installer
  • Instant Account Setup
  • Latest PHP & MySQL
  • Data center Choice
  • Free Website Migration
  • Malware Scan and Removal
  • 30 Day Money Back
  • 24/7 Technical Support and is a good choice when seeking a control panel

1-click Script Installation

Its shared hosting plans will also include the Miraculous Apps Installer. It holds the installations of WordPress, Jocular, and Drupal, Protestant.It is many other scripts and content management systems. The high point is that you only need to specify the installation details, and our server will perform the rest! No more tedious setup processes.

Secure and Reliable

Onlive Server gives c Panel hosting with high security and reliability, and transparency of the highest standard to put all your worries aside. 

Latest PHP and MySQL

Acquire a more secure and stable environment for your website. The latest and most stable versions of PHP and MySQL databases are installed on our c Panel hosting servers.

Free SSL Certificate

Eran your customer trust by displaying the symbol of https://.Secure your website and your visitor’s sensitive data as boost your website ranking with our Free SSL certificate.

c Panel Control Panel

Acquire a free control panel account to manage your hosting accounts. c Panel provides you with an organized layout and ensures everything is in the right place. It gives tools to easily manage your website, emails, database, domain, and increases website speed, security, and spam control.

What are the benefits of c Panel for reseller web hosting?

c Panel — c Panel is an online control panel that simplifies website and server management. It helps a Linux Hosting service user control the administrative tasks of hosting.

1. Easy To Use: Simple use and maintenance are the two most popular reasons why most resellers start with panel Linux hosting. It’s the right way to start for those who are not tech-savvy- Linux c Panel hosting is available with an easy-to-understand graphical user interface (GUI).  All files, features, and tools for the hosting account have represented with icons. The users with minimum technical knowledge can easily manage their reseller c Panel account.

2. Multi-Functional: A user-friendly, efficient application quickly gains popularity with users. panel is such a web control panel that is highly feature-rich, easy to use, and very secure.  Additionally, it comes packed with automated scripts to further ease backup tasks, file transfers, database transfers, and backups, etc. With the help of a few clicks, users can easily accomplish the most crucial tasks to manage their hosting account.

3. Advance Security: panel is very easy to use and a very secure web panel software. It’s important to secure that your web management software is highly ensured so that it is not susceptible to attacks from hackers and malicious scripts, etc. A secure c Panel web hosting will protect your website and data from being corrupted or stolen. And keeping an ensured web panel will help your sit back and relax.

4. DDoS Protection: Onlive Server is highly compact with ultra-secure firewalls to protect your data from DDoS attacks. The system automatically detects incoming malicious threats from the web and provides safeguards to your data.

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