Linux Web Hosting

 What is Linux Shared Hosting?

In the Linux Shared Hosting platform, several websites are hosted on a single server. All the websites hosted on the server share the expedient of the server. Every website is allocated a specific quantity of server resources in accordance with the web hosting plan chosen.

The website or weblog owner can pick out between Windows Reseller Web or Linux shared hosting. The choice of the operating gadget. Relies upon the choice of the internet site proprietor and it is also primarily based on the kind of coding. Language and improvement platform used for growing the website. For example, if you prefer to work with ASP.NET, you will have to choose for Linux Shared Hosting.

How Does the Linux Shared Hosting Platform Work?

A Linux Shared Hosting is partitioned in order to host multiple purchaser accounts. Every customer has authority over his/her website, blog, emails, and databases. The resources and price of the shard server are shared by all the customers.

In easy words, shared hosting is just like renting a rental with different people – You have your personal room however the resources like electricity, water, and the common areas are shared by using all the members. The purpose why this answer is viewed as affordable is because the whole cost and upkeep are allotted equally among all the members.

What Are the Benefits of Using Linux Shared Hosting?

Although the Linux Shared Hosting platform has its very own set of limitations, it is the best platform if you are setting up a new website and when you are getting to know the surroundings for the first time. The benefits of shared internet hosting include the following:


Linux Web Shared Hosting is especially affordable. If you choose to be cautious earlier than making massive web hosting funding for your website, shared hosting is excellent for you. You can get Linux shared for as low as $2 / month with Miles-Web.

No Technical Skills Required

The technical representatives of the web hosting enterprise are responsible for keeping and updating the shared server.

Built-In c Panel / Sapless

You get built-in c Panel (Linux Web hosting) or Sapless (Windows Web hosting) for managing your website. These control panels are offered for free and with the help of these manage panels, you can easily control the website settings, DNS settings, e-mail settings, etc.

What Type of Websites Can opt For Linux Shared Hosting?

Linux Shared Hosting is the best website answer for small and medium dimension websites, these websites consist of small blogs to whole dynamic websites for the companies. Through shared hosting, the website proprietors get the comfort and flexibility to start their very own online business website.

Moreover, if you are beginning a small website or a blog, shared hosting is best for you. You can start with shared web hosting at first and then as the business grows, you can consider upgrading to a greater and more creative net Hosting package.

Which Hosting offers Should You Choose for Linux Shared Hosting?

You will come across many Web Shared Hosting carriers however it is important to do your research before you sign up with any Web Host company. At Miles-Web, an extensive range of points are offered with all the shared web hosting applications like free SSL certificate, web hosting on powerful SSD servers, email accounts, free malware scanning and removal, Cloud-flare CDN, free website migration, etc. at a distinctly lower priced cost. Miles-Web provides 24/7 assistance when it comes to putting up the website or for migrating the website alongside a risk-free money lower back guarantee. You can choose your desired information center location from India, the UK, and the US.

Why you should use our Web Shared Hosting?

VCCL Linux Shared Hosting Plans are made for those who searching for the best overall performance in a price range-friendly Web Hosting plan. We offer the quickest server response time with SSD Disk as storage to supply you with better performance. Our Free SSL Certificate coming with each of our shared hosting plans, will secure your information from undesirable activities. Our built-in protection measures can hold your data secure with DDoS and Firewall Protection

What is the difference between Linux Shared Hosting vs VPS Hosting?

When you have a Linux Reseller Hosting package you are one of more than one user web hosting their website on an internet server. Virtual Private Server (VPS) Hosting provides extra space and bandwidth to manipulate a higher influx of traffic to your website. VPS Hosting allows you to enlarge a website over time so you can without difficulty scale up your website as it grows.

Is Cloud Hosting Better than Web Shared Hosting?

In the Shared Hosting service, all the resources are shared between websites. making it an inexpensive option, especially for small businesses. Cloud Hosting presents many benefits and can be viewed as advantageous. The energy of cloud technologies helps make sure scalability in case of visitor spikes. Additionally, full SSD storage presents better performance and stability.

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