Mould Cheap VPS Linux Server Plans Through Onlive Server

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Mould Cheap VPS Linux Server Plans Through Onlive Server

Linux VPS Hosting –

Get best and cheap Linux VPS hosting plans with amazing features in your location, because Onlive Server brings the best solutions at every corner of globe. Yes Onlive Server Company provides the best and Cheapest Linux VPS Hosting at more than 30 Countries.  Linux VPS Hosting is the Sizeable part of Server in Operating System.

Linux is an open Source operating system, in which you can use it freely. It is very securable Os also very affordable in price. Due to many beneficial impact of Linux VPS Hosting, it has wide demand in market. You can take many benefits of Control panels also many backup facilities that are completely free. Onlive Server has latest technology of Virtualisation. We provide Window VPS and Linux VPS Hosting. You can call us to know about both Window and Linux. We will give you whole knowledge regarding this and first make you satisfy with your Server Plans.

Through using Cheap VPS Linux hosting based with Os, developer users produce many server applications which are ready to scale up, with high performance. Linux VPS Hosting gives complete root get to which allows executive access over your hosting condition, as with the capacity to introduce custom programming.

  • Complete Root Access
  • One Click installation and Upgrades
  • Fully Support and Backups
  • Free development tools
  • Available Global data centers
  • High RAM
  • Cpanel Available
  • Full SSD Storage

Features of Linux VPS Hosting –

Virtualization Technology – One powerful Service into multiple Services, through this you can pick such as you have one piece of physical hardware that functions as separate different servers. The Virtual Server which you will use, it will only reserve for you. You will not share your RAM and any other data.

Root Access – Yes, with full of root access, you will able to install and customize any software that you need to optimize your hosting experience. This is flexibility that is especially valuable when you require installing a custom operating system.

Free Linux VPS Server Installation – We provide a free Linux VPS server installation at all over the world. In case any important situation makes at User’s site, our local business partners reach on the spot.

We offer various Open Source Software as we mention –

Perl – Content Management Systems (CMS), PHP – (CMS), Python – (CMS), Ruby on Rails – (CMS), Software as a Service (SaaS), Proprietary Software and more.

Linux VPS Manageable Plans –

You can choose which looks beneficial and suitable for your website. Our cheapest Linux VPS plan with France country is just started at $9 per month with 1 Core, 1 GB RAM, 30 GB HDD, 1000 GB Bandwidth, KVM VPS per month. We have several plans, you can pick the best you felt for your website growth.

Contact us –

Onlive Server provides the fully technical support and help. We have technical professional team which is available at 24 hours for your quarry. You can connect us through our website. Once a time Visit our website to know all the offers and benefits, also that you can ask any information related to Server Hosting Plans.