C panel web Hosting

What is c Panel Web Hosting?

You can be wondering what is c Panel. c Panel Web Hosting is a web-based internet hosting manipulate panel that includes a graphical interface to tools that simplify website and server management. The two interfaces are acknowledged as c Panel Web Hosting and Web Host Manager (WHM), which permit you to publish websites, manage domains, arrange web files, create electronic mail accounts, and successfully and efficaciously manage the server. To put it simply, it permits you to execute all the actions on a server you would possibly need to, the usage of a simple interface as a substitute for a command line.

It’s important no longer to confuse software like this with an Operating System (OS). Each server nonetheless wishes an OS to function, and if you choose to use c Panel, you’ll need a Linux distribution to set it up.

The software itself was once created for a Texas-based web-hosting business enterprise in the 1990s. It changed fingers over the years while being updated and improved. c Panel Web Hosting is now owned and distributed with the aid of a business enterprise of an identical name. It wasn’t until 2002 that the software absolutely started out to take off, but for the reason that then it has come to be hugely popular.

How many types of c Panel Web Hosting are there?

The c Panel is a straightforward and flexible manipulation panel available on an extensive range of hosting plans. You can pick out the hosting applications depending on your requirements:

Shared c Panel Web Hosting mg: It is full-service hosting for beginners.

WordPress c Panel Web Hosting: It is an optimized hosting for WordPress sites.

VPS c Panel Hosting: Hosting is a high-quality alternative for growing a business.

Dedicated c Panel Hosting: It is an exceptional option for those websites that get hold of high traffic.

Do you know what the features of c Panel are? If you do not know, then know?

c Panel provides dozens of powerful elements that you can take advantage of. For now, let’s center of attention on three of the most critical.

File Management

Your c Panel enables you to interact with your documents in many ways. For example, the software provides a simple file manager that permits you to interact with your directories and archives visually. If you decide to use FTP to take care of your files, your c Panel can make your lifestyle less difficult by means of supplying you with an account management feature. With it, you’ll be in a position to create new accounts, manage their permissions, and even delete them if necessary.

Sites Backup

We’ve talked about backups before, but we in no way get tired of highlighting just how important they are. The latest backup of your web page can retail you if you run into an error if you take the place to delete an important file with the aid of a mistake, and even if your website gets attacked. This functionality enables you to roll return your entire server to a beforehand photograph (usually taken automatically) in case you need to backtrack.

Database Management

Databases are quintessential when it comes to maintaining your website running. They store most of your site’s data, together with precious information such as passwords, usernames, emails, and so on. It does this with the aid of imparting you with more than one database management tool. Each of these tools gives you an extraordinary way to create and manipulate databases.

How To Install WordPress with c Panel

Most hosts provide you get the right of entry to something known as an “auto-installer” in your c Panel dashboard. This approves you to deploy WordPress as properly as a lot of other software with just a few clicks.

Of these straightforward auto-installers, Sebaceous is in all likelihood the most popular, although it’s feasible your specific host uses an extraordinary solution.

To install WordPress with the aid of c Panel, all you need to do is seem to be for the auto-installers section and click on the WordPress button.

If You Want to Create a New Email Account with c Panel, How do you Create One?

Given below are some steps, and follow them carefully.

This tutorial explains that you are already logged in to c Panel, and you need to start at the home screen.

Now let’s create a new electronic mail account.

Click the Email Accounts icon.

Enter the electronic mail address you choose to create and assign it a password.

Set a mailbox quota for the account if you wish.

Then click “Create Account.”

That’s it! The new electronic mail account has been successfully created.

From the Email Accounts display screen, you can get the right of entry to the webmail for the account, change its password, change the quota, or even delete the account.

Why Do You Need a c Panel?

c Panel presents a simple dashboard and buttons, links, navigation, and portraits to make file management understandable and accessible. The predominant areas where c Panel Hosting comes in are available.

Without c Panel, only users with advanced technical understanding would be capable of doing these tasks. Thus, the c Panel is the straightforward go-to to manipulate middle for most of the shared hosting services.

Overall, the c Panel seals the gap between complex and hassle-free management techniques. However, it might be intimidating for many users who have just created a website.


a c Panel Dashboard is a simple tool designed to make your site easy to use from within WordPress and to install WordPress in c Panel. Any level of user can add their custom email address, create backups and manage their website files from the c Panel dashboard.

When you are connected to WordPress, chances are you will need to use c Panel frequently for various reasons. That’s why it’s better to know what you’re dealing with before actually coming here to resolve issues.

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