VPS Hosting for WordPress hosting is the best way to access or run your online website around the world. Onlive Server infrastructure is made with KVM Hypervisor that provides a reliable platform. If you’re searching VPS for WordPress hosting then choose Onlive Server. It is the first step toward enjoying the benefits of virtualization technology, which includes less cost-effectiveness and greater flexibility. Onlive Server provides the best VPS hosting for WordPress at a very low cost in 40+ locations.

WordPress Hosting

Benefits of VPS Hosting for WordPress

•             Availability – VPS Hosting for WordPress hosting servers never goes down, so you’ll get 24/7 maximum network availability and zero downtime for your website.

•       Scalability of Resource – If you have a big or small website then you can increase hosting resources like computing cores, RAM, storage devices as per your business requirement and you have to pay only for those resources which are used by you.

•             Safety and Security – In VPS Server, you will get higher protection on personal data or business data by firewall protection. Also, a data backup solution is available.

•             Cost-efficiency – In the VPS, you only pay for the resources you use, so this makes our hosting a cost-effective solution.

How to Manage Your VPS Hosting For WordPress?

Accessing and configuring VPS Hosting is made simple as you. It will be provided with full root-level, SSH, and FTP access. Additionally, any Windows Server will include Admin and RDP access. Therefore, you can add any third-party applications, libraries, or modules that require root access without any hassle.

Server Control Panel

Server Control Panel is also an option, depending on the level of management you choose. The tools you need to manage your server are at your fingertips. You’ll use the Control Panel to manage every part of the server and get an email, DNS, databases, users, and more.

Internal Dashboard

With our internal dashboard, we provide also more control and information on your servers. You can view your current configuration beyond as well as usage for memory, storage, and bandwidth.

Is WordPress VPS Hosting the Right Choice for You?

  • In terms of security, customer service as well as customizability, best cheap VPS hosting is the better option.
  • What used to be a selling point in shared hosting was its unmatched price-performance ratio. But this days are too long
  • In this day and age, the website hosting landscape offers a wide range of high-quality services for the price of shared hosting or even less. That is to say, you no longer need to settle for mediocrity.
  •  However, if you have a large website project with a predictable high-level traffic flow that requires you to ensure the maximum level of security, you may want to consider purchasing a dedicated server. Provided that you have the necessary financial means, this may be a suitable option for you.


VPS Hosting for WordPress is a perfect solution for small and medium businesses with variable workloads and demands. The VPS Provider – Onlive Server offers the cheapest VPS for 45+ countries with higher security. it is a cost-effective solution. This means you get similar resources of dedicated Servers such as RAM, CPU, and disk space allocation, but at a much lower cost. It provide more flexible when you need it.

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