Ukraine Dedicated server

Introduction about Ukraine Dedicated Server

The range of dedicated server hosting solutions in Germany and Ukraine Dedicated Server will undoubtedly help you to make your business site very successful.

There are dedicated hosting packages in Germany and Ukraine. Available to all organizations and individuals whether they have started. Their business or are already established. As a user, you have the option to customize your own server. Or choose one of a set of reconfigured packages.

Dedicated custom server configurations

Onlive Server is a dedicated server hosting company that aims to provide the most suitable hosting solutions for all consumers. That’s why they are very proud to offer custom dedicated server.Configurations that are not available anywhere else in Germany and any other country. fully managed Germany Dedicated Server solutions available to meet the specific needs of consumers, whether specific software configurations or hardware configurations. Some of the more specific configurations available with dedicated servers in Germany. Include custom business services, custom software configurations and custom hardware configurations.

Dedicated server specifications

Dedicated servers based in Germany are available for professional and personal accommodation needs. The servers are accompanied by local support by engineers working for server hosting providers. In addition, all servers are fully optimized for superior performance using state-of-the-art Intel Core hardware. With various hosting plans, solutions are available for a wide range of servers. To meet the needs of individuals and businesses. All dedicated servers in Germany are compatible with Windows and Linux operating systems. As well as Cantos, Debian, Parallels Cloud Server, Red Hat Enterprise Linux, SUSE, Fedora and Citric Preserver. All servers are compatible 24/7 with suggestions to the clients about the use of the server. The 99.99% availability is also a guarantee.

Dedicated server hosting solutions in Germany offer the highest level of infrastructure protection and support for all business needs. They come with a 4-core processor. A speed of 3.90 GHz, a DATA storage space of 2 TB. A bandwidth of 15 TB at 100 Mbps and a dedicated IPv4 IP address. The servers are usually located in the data centers of Kassel, Germany.

The features of Germany Server VPS Hosting

With regard to VPS hosting in Germany, customizable features are available even in this area for more exclusive hosting needs. The prices for hosting VPS in Germany are cheap, including one hour of installation and installation free of charge. Only brand elements are used for virtual private servers that are fully optimized to provide optimal performance. The standard server elements are always in stock, which guarantees that the servers are always operational.

Here are some frequently ask questions about the VPS server and the dedicated server in Germany
  1. Is it possible to manage a dedicated server through a web-based control panel?

Yes, each dedicated server hosting package includes a Web Host Administrator. That gives users full control over the creation and personalization of their accounts.

  1. Is it possible to upgrade a VPS hosting account to a dedicated hosting account?

Yes, users who currently have a VPS hosting account can switch to dedicated hosting. At any time simply by placing an order for a new server.

  1. What is RAID?

The full form of RAID is a redundant array of independent disks. This is a way to store data on different hard drives. And connect them so that server operating systems display them as a single entity.

  1. How are servers and data centers monitored?

A team is dedicated to monitoring data centers and servers.

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