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Importance of Windows Web Hosting

 The most popular type of operating system used around the world is Windows. This is probably the type you are most used to, and even if you have never used windows. Onlive Server offers Cheap Windows Web Hosting Solutions in the industry. It is one of India’s leading Windows hosting providers. It all is the easiest to customize for the most part. The operating system you are using is very different from the operating system used on your website. Since most of your interaction with the website will be through FTP or the use of your web interface, using Windows on your home computer will not affect it as much. But using Windows has more advantages than disadvantages.

Benefits from Windows Web Hosting

Easy to Use

While others might complain about the price of Microsoft, it is still one of the easiest to access and it avoids complicated scripting, thus giving less confusion for the users. It is also easier to adapt to since most users are already familiar with using Windows on almost every other computer.

Microsoft products

A lot of Microsoft products that give many benefits like Microsoft Exchange Server, Hyper-V, and Microsoft SQL are easily accessible when you use Windows. You can also use many other products that are available for other platforms by using Windows.

Constant updates

Windows has already gained so many versions, but it is still one of the well-updated services of today. They always find ways to apply newer technologies to their platform, and this assures you that your service won’t be out-of-date for a long time.

Remote Administration

This is another deciding factor when it comes to choosing Windows VPS Server hosting. While other platforms require some type of limited access to do tasks on their websites, Windows allows Remote Desktop access, which allows you to perform more tasks on the server with ease. For simpler tasks, c Panel and Sapless are also provided.

Useful information of database

Databases and programming scripts are being used. Which are ultimately critical to the performance of your website. Provided with most database servers such as MYSQL, MDSE, and MySQL. Microsoft SQL has gained the reputation of being the best and most reliable database technology available for website building. Most large companies rely on Microsoft SQL databases for most of their large operations. While other platforms have some control over this, Windows is still the most compatible, so it would be best to use Windows if you want a good database server. Plus, another database system you can configure at home is Microsoft Access, which allows fine control without the need to be constantly online. This requires that you purchase the desktop application. Most modifications can be fully performed using Microsoft access. It is optimized for small websites.

Windows Auxiliary Information

Windows is a group of operating systems developed by Microsoft Windows is the standard for most basic computer packages around the world. Continuing efforts to lead most web initiatives have allowed them to effectively market Internet Explorer, and it is still one of the most popular browsers worldwide. This makes these websites easy to learn. . Windows platforms also allow multiple dynamic databases, and they are the only operating system to effectively allow Active Server Pages. These are reasons enough for most to switch to their services.

Required services of Online Server-

Advance Control Panel- Your Windows Sharing Hosting plan comes with a Sapless control panel which allows you to perform multiple web settings such as managing your domain name, email accounts, security, themes, plugins and etc.

Fast Installer- Just one click, you are now able to install various types of web software without any coding. Software such as WordPress and its themes and plugins can be installed easily.

Free Backup & Restore- Data Loss is a serious issue for your online business with our daily backup features. You are able to perform backup on daily basis.

SSL Certificate- We provide SSL certificates for FREE. SSL helps to prevent your customers’ sensitive data. Such as credit card numbers and passwords from being intercepted by a third party.

24×7 Technical Support- Need assistance while developing your projects? No worry, we are reachable for support 24×7 every day. Our friendly and knowledgeable staff is able to assist you with any hosting-related issues.


In conclusion, Windows web hosting is a highly beneficial option for website owners, particularly those who utilize ASP.NET and Microsoft SQL Server. Its seamless integration with Microsoft technologies, enhanced security features, and user-friendly control panel make it a popular choice for businesses and individuals alike.When considering a reliable Windows web hosting provider, Onlive Server stands out as an excellent option. Their high-performance servers, 24/7 technical support, customizable hosting solutions, and competitive pricing make them a top choice in the industry.

Q1. What is Windows web hosting?

 Windows web hosting is a hosting service that uses the Windows operating system as the server’s platform. It is particularly suitable for websites developed on ASP.NET and those requiring Microsoft SQL Server for database management.

Q2. Is Windows web hosting suitable for my website?

 If your website relies on ASP.NET, .NET Framework, or Microsoft SQL Server, Windows web hosting is an excellent choice for optimal performance and compatibility.

Q3. What are the advantages of using Onlive Server for Windows hosting?

Onlive Server offers high-performance servers, 24/7 technical support, customizable hosting solutions, and competitive pricing, making it a reliable and feature-rich hosting provider.

Q4. Can I switch from another hosting platform to Windows hosting?

Yes, you can switch from another hosting platform to Windows hosting with Onlive Server. Their migration assistance ensures a smooth transition.

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